exists for the sole purpose of making your birthday absolutely legendary. When you tell your friends your birthday party will make their birthday party look lame, you will not be lying. understands that reunions can either be awkward and depressing, leading to copious amounts of alcohol as a coping mechanism; or they can be hilarious, fun-loving, and bring back all the good times that made you want to reunite in the first place (and, of course, this leads to non-sulky partying). ensures you end up with the latter. knows that it’s (hopefully) not often that you get engaged. As such, you deserve a one-of-a-kind party to celebrate, and we’ll make it happen with the style and grace (or lack thereof, if you wish) for which such an occasion calls. is where you go to break out of the office grind, and especially, the let down that most office parties entail. Give notice to HR that this may or may not be an event that requires the following day off.