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49 Grove


The Deal: With a state of the art audio/visual system that includes four 54” HD plasmas, 49 Grove has your reunion covered no matter what you’re looking to do with it.  Movie screenings, after parties, dance parties, or just a chill night out with the old party crew, it’s all good at 49 Grove. Just remember, chaperones in any form are still not cool, so leave your moody significant other at home.



Anchor Bar


The Deal:  Although the décor invokes the feeling that you stepped off a New York City street and into a cabin in Maine, the crowd is young, loud, and ready to throw back some Patron.  Drinks are reasonably priced, and The Anchor also features a creative cocktail menu.  With no cover charge or required bottle service, this hybrid of rustic lounge and bangin beats, all wrapped up in a delightfully Americana package, is the perfect place to throw a hassle-free reunion get-together.  You’re on your own for self-created hassles, though (that girl who was way too



Aspen Social Club


The Deal: Aspen Social Club is a great place to give your reunion the feeling that it’s being hosted in a remote but energetic getaway. The menu is sure to have something for everyone, the décor is sure to impress even that girl who was never impressed by anything (and judging by her eye-roll when you bought her that shot, not much has changed). Let the tequila do the rest, and go party like it’s 199-whatever year you wish it still were.


I have to say that working with Ryan has only been a great pleasure. He is extremely organized and sends us all great parties. We love working with him! We hope to continue a great relationship with your company
- Lindsey Fannelli, Director, Carnival
Ryan is one of the most reliable people I have ever worked with. He has created a team that is not only consistent in their efforts, but also efficient, organized and always a pleasure to work with. Out of all of the people I have worked with in this industry, I can honestly say that Ryan is one of the best. I will 100% back anything that Ryan and the The Party Booker team is behind as for the past 5 years he has been an integral part of my success as an event director
- Amanda Slavin, Event Director, The Hill, Ainsworth and Dune
The Party Booker has been a tremendous asset to our Operation. Consistent, quality business is the key to success in any industry, Ryan and his team provide that for us. They are open to our feedback and provide us with guest feedback as well; it is a pleasure doing business with them
- Damon Dunay, Director, Empire & Polar Lounge